GPS Tracker - Update

Tags: GPS, Hardware, Tracker

The GPS Tracker is progressing nicely. The picture below shows the populated PCB of the base station. The software is running on Genesi's Netbook prototype (



The base station, as well as the tracker are powered by a Li-ion phone battery, and charged over USB. USB alone is not enough to power the base station since in some cases the GSM module needs up to 2A - which USB cannot deliver.

Why the need for a base station? The reason is simple - the tracking data does not reside on some third party server. Instead, the solution is completely self contained with the added benefit that the user has full control of the (sometimes sensitive) tracking data and that there is no monthly subscription fee. The tracker itself will be used to track vehicles like cars and trucks, and with one version that is currently in development you will be able to track bicycles without having to worry about battery life...