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The problem with the Internet of Things is that few people truly understand what it is really about. A large percentage of people in the group that does understand it tend to discard it as yet another marketing hype such as “the cloud” with very little real substance. Due to all kinds of news reports on security issues, vendor lock-ins and lack of open standards, cost overruns, etc. these people tend to see their opinions confirmed. We at WRD Systems also tend to agree with this group – to a point. The reason we do is that we see the same mistakes being made as countless numbers of times before, including the critical security issues that WRD Systems has highlighted for years. However, we also see the great potential of internet connected devices. Probably not the refrigerators and such, but closer to the origins of the Internet of Things: Machine to Machine, also known as M2M.

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How Small?

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As some of you may know, we at WRD Systems have been working on our new, next gen, GPS tracker. The goal of this one is to be as small as possible, yet pack as many features as possible out of the box while keeping the cost low. We often get requests asking how small our tracker is. We tried communicating scale in millimeter, or took a picture of the board next to a coin, but they did not seem to convey how small our tracker can really be. To try to improve on this, we present the Matchbox Tracker:

Kickstarter - Part Deux

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In the spirit of "never give up, never surrender", we're back with a Kickstarter project! Just like the previous one, it has to do with GPS and location, but this time we focus on a particular application: bike security and tracking. We're doing this project in partnership with Cycling Boom.



GPS Tracker and Kickstarter

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Ah, this first blog entry of 2013 occurred a little later than I anticipated, but I've been too busy. As you may know by now, our Kickstarter project did not manage to get to the amount of funding we were aiming at. The reasons for this are most likely the lack of media attention (we tried hard though), and perhaps the total amount needed was too high. We also believe the project wasn't crazy enough compared to certain other Kickstarter projects to grab enough attention :-)

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GPS Tracker - Update

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The GPS Tracker is progressing nicely. The picture below shows the populated PCB of the base station. The software is running on Genesi's Netbook prototype (



GPS Tracker

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I've been working on a new GPS tracking solution (hardware/software combination) for some time now - almost ready for production!

Below is a screenshot of the base station application. It's a Qt application and is thus completely portable to any Qt supporting platform (runs already on Linux x86, Windows and Linux on ARM). The advantage of making a stand alone application is that tracking data is not kept on a third party server.


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